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Code of Honour

8Share sharers keep it real.
If we're sharing Specials with friends, we keep it real.
We're not here to cheat others and fake the act of sharing with friends. The 8Share community has taken years to build trust with advertisers, who in turn work hard to build your favourite brands and products. They have deep trust in you, as a representative of 8Share, to share good stuff with friends, and to keep it real. This is why we are all paid cash.
Why keep it real?
  • If you keep it real, you help build more trust, and we get more Specials and cash. If you try and cheat the system, advertisers won't work with 8Share, and it is game over for you, and everyone else.
  • If you keep it real, you're getting money you truly deserve. If you try and cheat the system, you're stealing other people's money. There's an entire community of genuine sharers who trust you not to steal.
  • If you keep it real, you get to cash out your money to your bank account without worry, just like everyone else. If you even attempt to cheat ONE CLICK, there's a chance the system might suspend your cash out request, ban you forever, and you lose all your money accumulated from your account. Don't do it.

The 5 Pillars of the 8Share Sharer Code of Honour

  • Real sharers share like they always do
    When you share good stuff with friends, sometimes you just make a post on your Twitter, blog, or Facebook. Sometimes you tag a few friends, or elaborate why the content in the link is so awesome. We're the social media generation, we know how to share good stuff with friends, and when it comes to 8Share, we share like how we always do.
  • Real sharers don't trick or beg people to click on stuff
    8Share sharers shall never ask others to click on their unique links including using phrases such as "Click this link", "Help me click" or other similar language, or use misleading methods to get clicks, including (but not limited to) using phrases or images which have no co-relation to the content in the link! That's evil.
  • Real sharers never spam
    8Share sharers shall never share links on pages and websites that they do not own. Especially the 8Share Facebook Page, Brand Facebook Pages, Forums, and Job Sites. When you share, you represent 8Share, and 8Share does NOT spam.
  • Real sharers don't artificially boost Unique Visits (U.V.)
    8Share sharers don't click on their own unique links or inflate clicks artificially. This means automated pop up scripts, ‘cleaning cookies', using multiple machines, mutual click rings (I click for you, you click for me groups), and anything outside of how you usually share good stuff with friends is a breach of trust.
  • Real sharers don't use multiple accounts or false identities on 8Share
    8Share sharers only maintain one 8Share account and never attempt to create duplicate accounts. 8Share is a community where real people share good stuff with their friends. Claiming to be another person, creating multiple accounts or falsely representing an organisation breaks this trust and damages everyone in the community.
When in doubt, just remember to keep it real. This ensures you will get your cash outs, like everyone else, and the future of 8Share.
Based on the Terms and Conditions of using 8Share, you have to accept, understand, and uphold the 8Share Code of Honour, and always keep it real