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All About 8shares SPECIAL

What is a Special?
A Special is sponsored content that can range from anything like the latest movies to games, events, products and contests which you can get paid to broadcast with your friends.
How do I earn money from sharing a Special?
You will be given a unique URL link for every Special you broadcast - this link is used to track your unique visits. You will be rewarded for your unique visits as long as the Special is still running and its rewards are still available, until you have reached the maximum rewards for a particular Special.
How can I keep track of my earnings?
You can always visit the Specials channel and check your progress on the individual page of the Specials you have shared. Or, you can click on Reward history at the drop-down menu on the top right of your 8Share page to see the latest unique visits you have received, which updates every hour.
You can also go to your Dashboard as a centralised place to check your overall performance and stats of everything you've ever broadcasted on 8Share.
What is a Unique Visit (U.V.)?
A unique visit (U.V.) for members of 8Share Philippines, is a click on a Special link from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.
How much do I earn per Unique Visit?
A unique visit via your unique URL gets rewarded the amount stated in the Specials you broadcast.
Clicks will only be counted as a reward if the person who clicked on your link has never seen the Special before.
Example if a friend clicks on the Special link of someone else before clicking on yours, the reward will only go to the first link clicked on. This is called the unique visit.
Why am I not getting rewarded for my unique visits?
Your earnings are updated every hour. If you are not getting any rewards for your visits, it is because:
  • The visits you received are not unique. (Learn more about Unique Visits)
  • The Special has completed and all rewards for that specific Special have been given out.
  • You have gained the maximum amount of reward for the specific Special you broadcasted.
Can I share a Special more than once?
Yes, for sure.
Will I still be able to earn money if I share a Special that is "Completed"?
No, but you can broadcast them anyway - your friends will be delighted to be in the know of such cool stuff!
Why is a Special not available to me, but available to my friends?
We strongly believe in genuine sharing, that is why broadcasters get different Specials based on their personal profile. All Specials on 8Share are specially catered according to our broadcasters based on their individual profiles. If you're unable to share a certain Special, it means that Special is not suitable for you. Here's two examples on Specials relevance :
  • Sanitary napkins will only be appropriate to female broadcasters. If you're a girl, you wouldn't really want a guy to be telling you about sanitary napkins.
  • An event in the far west of a country are only shared by residents there due to geographical distance.
Why aren't there any Specials for me to broadcast?
The availability of Specials, can be seasonal so there may be times you might have less or none, but on other times you might get more than normal. We are always doing our best to get more Specials for you guys, so it would be best to frequently check the site for updates.