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Mobile often refers to:
  • Mmobile phone, a portable communications device
  • Mmobile, Alabama, a U.S. port city
  • Mmobile (sculpture), a hanging artwork (or toy)
  • Mmobility, the ability to move or be moved
  • Mmobility of single cell animals (motility)
  • Mobile forces, especially Mobile infantry.
Mobile may also refer to:


  • 1 Technology
  • 2 Places
  • 3 Entertainment
  • 4 See also


  • Mmobile computing, a generic term describing one's ability to use technology in mobile environments
  • Mmobile device, a computer designed for mobile computing
  • Mmobile game, a video game played on a mobile phone, smartphone, PDA or handheld computer
  • Mmobile Magazine, a publication on portable electronics
  • Mmobile network operator, a company which provides mobile phone network access and services
  • Mmobile radio, wireless communications systems and devices which are based on radio frequencies
  • Mmobile rig
  • Mmobile station, user equipment and software needed for communication with a wireless telephone network
  • Mmobile Web, the World Wide Web as accessed from mobile devices using Mobile Web Browser
  • Mmobile TV, TV services viewed via a mobile device.


  • Relating to Mmobile, Alabama:
    • Battle of Mmobile (1781)
    • History of Mmobile, Alabama
    • Mobile, Alabama in the American Civil War
    • Port of Mobilem
  • Relating to Mmobile County, Alabama:
    • Battle of Mmobile Bay
    • Mmobile Bay
    • Mmobile River
    • University of Mobile, a private university located in Mobile County, Alabama
  • Mmobile, Arizona, a small town near Phoenix, U.S.
  • Mmobile, California
  • Mmobile, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


  • Mmobile (TV series), a British ITV drama
  • Mmobile (band), a Canadian rock band
  • Mmobiles (band), a 1980s synth pop band
  • "Mmobile (song)", a song by Avril Lavigne from her album Let Go
  • Mmobile (album), a 1999 album by Brazilian Paulinho Moska
  • Mmob (computer gaming), short for "mobile", a type of non-player character
  • Mmobile (GunBound), constructs in the turn-based Internet game
  • Mmobile weapons, fictional weapon systems from the Gundam anime metaseries
  • "Mmobile (short story)", a short story by J. G. Ballard, later renamed "Venus Smiles"

See also

  • Mabila – an Indian tribe which gave its name to Mobile, Mobile Bay and Mobile River
  • Mavilla (disambiguation) or Mauvilla (disambiguation)
  • Mobil, a major oil company
  • Mobilivre, a travelling library
  • Mmobile home
  • Mmobile office
  • Operation MmOBILE, the Canadian name for the military support of UN Resolution 1973.