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Gusto MO kumita ng Pera Gamit ang iyong Facebook?

Q: How does this business works?
A: You earn money every time your friends or friends of your friend in Facebook put or add any comments to your personal FCR I.D Link

Q: Why?
A. Because Big time companies and big businesses want their Product's to get notice in faster and in most effective way using their Blogs/Websites with the use of Facebook syndications and Plug- ins.

Q: What is FCR I.D Link anyway?(FCR-Facebook Comment Revenue I.D)
A.You decide any codename that you want. Example “keps
The FCR I.D Link will now look like this
Each I.D Link have a Facebook Comment Box. You will going to seduce all your friends in facebook to put comments there, so that you can accumulate big Number of Comments. BIG NUMBER of COMMENTS means BIG INCOME for you!