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This list contains over 4,000 safe lists, which you can use to advertise on the Internet.
Now you can email more than a MILLION TARGETED prospects Spam free. Your List is 100% opt-in and 100% legal.
Your ad will reach only those prospects that have asked to be included in these opt-in safe lists for people
interested in new business opportunities, products or services.


This is how I recommend you utilize the safe lists to advertise your various programs on a daily basis.

1) To start make a duplicate copy of this list so that you can use this original for your offering and
the duplicated list for your records.

2) Next using your duplicate list, subscribe to 10 of the safe lists at a time. Each safe list will
send you a confirmation email asking you if you want to subscribe to their list. Be sure to read their
Terms and follow their instructions. Take it slow and sign up for each list one at a time.

3) You will start to receive numerous emails from list members of the various clubs you subscribed to.
THIS IS IMPORTANT - You do not have to send an email to all of the emails that you received to promote your
program. Just reply to the club itself. So you just have to send 10 emails a day, and your email will be
sent to every member of the 10 safe lists that you subscribed to. Now work you 10 lists for a week

4) After a week, subscribe to another 10 safe lists. Its up to you on how many safe lists that
you subscribe to at a time. However it's actually better to stick to 10 a week. It's easier to
keep track of them. Once you receive confirmation on your second 10 safe lists, unsubscribe from

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