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Facebook Top Ten April Fools Day Hoaxes►2,897,387 Hits!

Its Facebook April Fools' Day and celebrated in different countries around the world on [April 1-30] every year. Sitelplus Blog will call it as Facebook All Fools' Day, April Fool's Day is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when many people play all kinds of jokes and foolishness. Heres The Top 10 Facebook Fools brought to you by Sitelplus Blog!

Top # 10
Facebook Will Shutdown on April 30, at exactly 2:35PM Asia Pacific Time
Facebook shuts down page calling for intifada. Middle East correspondent Anne Barker,Top # 9Barack Obama Will Buy Facebook According to Sitelplus Blog, President Barack Obama Will going to buy facebook with a very stunning price, about $600 Billion worth of Gift certificates, Insurance Bond, and Travel Expense Directly paid by all Governors of the United States of America (Wow!)Top # 8The Union Of Google, Facebook,Youtube and Twitter! There will be a New website in town called Gofaceyoutwit.COM Top # 7Friendster Will Develop New Facebook (The Red Facebook Version)
Courtesy of Harvard University Latest I.T and Computer GeeksTop #6
Google Pays $1 million cold cash to the one who can hack Facebook.
They Feared that all advertisers will go crazy to facebook (Neh!)Top # 5
Mark Zuckerberg The Facebook Founder Caught in the act having sex with Lady Gaga
in New York Bar hubs together with its two gay co founder.Top # 4 Oprah Winfrey's Facebook Account for Sale! For the sake of Cancer Survivors in Alaska, India and Pakistan.Top # 3 You will Die after eating Facebook Chips ahoi Top # 2
The Launch of Facebook Windows Operating System
New Computer O.S Facebook INterface,Say goodbye to your Windows XP or VISTA

Top #1
Facebook is Just a copy of Planet Mars Social Networking Site
The Real Developer of Facebook is an Alien???