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Afghanistan Latest CareerTrends and New Job Hirings

Employments in Afghanistan,Recruitment Source Offer Latest Job offering around Afghanistan for Local and International Employee■Do you want to work in afghanistan?, Find the latest JOb Trending and Career Directories, Best Job Offers in Afghan.■I.T Jobs In demand in Afghanistan,Civilian JObs in Iraq and Afghanistan, Professional Careers and Job Listings.

Top 20 Jobs
│1.OverSeas Contract Jobs 2.Customer Service Manager's 3.Electrical Engineer 4. I.T Professionals 5.Finance Manager 6.Hotel and Restaurant Manager (Food and Beverage)7.Project Manager 8.Communication Director 9.Aviation Officers 10.Nursing Aide 11.Logistics 12.Gardener 13.Engineering 14.Mining & Marines 15.Sales and Marketing Staff 16.Transport and Warehouse Personnel17.Office Staff18.Accountants 19.Teachers ()Major in English 20.Computer Science Programmings

Currency│The Currency of Afghanistan is called *Afghani* (A.F.A.). Every unit of Afghan currency is made of 100 puls. Notes denominations are AFN 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1. US Dollar is widely accepted in the country.

Economic Review
■ Afghanistan:Tax System,Trade directions, Foreign Exchange,Tax Revenue,Budgets , Gross Income►
money, finance, and the critical constraints to economic
Download Books Goverment, Development Plans, Future EXpansions.Money system and Financial Stability.

Discoveries■Afghanistan Trillion Dollars global mining giant
.Traced back for over 6,000 years. Historical mining in Afghanistan was mainly focused on the production of gemstones, with some of the world's oldest known mines established.Some Oil Excavation and Huge Mining Ventures for gold and silvers,Copper, iron, lead and zinc Beryllium and lithium.