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Free Internet Speed Booster │Say Goodbye to Slow Connection

Are you Having a very slow internet connection problems? Well you are not the only online surfer who has hit the slow lane problems on the internet super highway. Millions of people experience the same slow internet connection speed issue every day . Sitelplus blog is here to help you understand your internet connection and hopefully give you a few quick solutions that will speed up your online experience

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Featured Article■Flashget Broadband Tweak
Just double-click on the FlashGetRegTweak.reg file to enter the tweak into the registry.
This tweak will allow up to 100 simultaneous file downloads,
each split into a max of 30 parts. Previous defaults were 8 & 10 respectively.
1. Works for dialup but not really advantageous.
2. Restart your computer to feel the full advantage of this tweak.
Download:here it is just copy to notepad
rename to Iwillsinglehandedlykillallthebandwidthfromtheserversidownloadfrom.reg

"Max Parallel Num"="100"
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